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On January 4, 1942, a group of 30  Cocoa Beach residents, almost the entire community, met together in a small wooden building on Orlando Ave. with the intent to form an inter-denominational church.

Worship was conducted by Dr. W.B. Milllard of Merritt Island, assisted by Mrs. H.C. Page at the organ. Mrs. B. B. Edwards led the singing. The Purcell Male Quartet from Orlando sang and Dale Godke provided accordion solos.

Paul Godke was elected chairman with assistants Clara M. Hall and Sam L. Knutsen. The town of Rockledge provided folding charis, the Elks Club an organ, and Mrs. Harry Cressen of J.W. Hooper Motor Co. provided a truck to transport the organ and the chairs.

Thus Cocoa Beach saw the formation of its first church and also community center. Not even a war, constantly changing military personnel, hot weather, mosquitoes and absentee vacationers could keep CBCC from growing! Total disbursements for the year matched the total inco
me of 232.27 which included a $3.50 weekly payment to Dr. Millard for driving from Merritt Island to conduct the services, mosquito spray and .45 cents an hour for yard maintenance.

On November 19, 1944, Mr. F.G.J. Pulsipher reported an available lot for $600 on the spot where our church is now located. It was agreed to make the purchase and at that time CBCC was incorporated.

history-2In February, 1945, $15,000 was set as the goal for construction and fittings of the church. A special meeting of the building fund committee was held in June, 1945 to negotiate a building loan with the Congregational Church. It was not until 1957 when the Congregational-Christian Church merged with Evangelical- Reformed (each of these was, in turn, the result of a union of two earlier traditions) to become the United Church of Christ that the denominational name was changed to the present one.

1947 saw the foundation laid and the walls erected of the first building called our Community House. The church was completed in 1949 with a loan from the Congregational Church and the first service was held on Christmas Day.