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Prayer, personal experiences with God, and prayer requests are always part of a meeting. Service to CBCC and the community are broad goals.

  1. What is a Spiritual Life Team (SLT)? What happens at SLT Meetings?
  2. Why would I want to be a member of a SLT? Why are SLTs necessary?
  3. These are questions most SLT members would welcome.


Meet Dr. Bobbie McKay who created the concept of Spiritual Life Teams.

For 23 years, The Spiritual Health Center has studied the spiritual lives of over 4,000 people in mainstream, Protestant, Catholic, Reform Jewish, and Muslim congregations.

What we discovered, was simple and profound: People have experiences of the presence or action of God which are life-transforming, meaning God becomes real to them. But people rarely, if ever, share these experiences for fear of being perceived as weird, crazy, or too religious.

Our passion and our mission is to ignite that spiritual energy and light up the world with God’s presence.

We offer FIVE PROGRAMS which have proven incredibly effective in developing the spiritual lives of people in all circumstances, faith traditions and cultures. These programs can transform your life: God can become real for you. And the spiritual connections you form will make God real in the world.

Dr. Bobbie McKay

Learn more about Spiritual Life Teams by visiting the Spiritual Health Center